Sunday, December 2, 2007

3:46... I'll take it!!!

I ran a 3:46. I'll go into detail about it a little later, but I am THRILLED with that time even though it's not the 3:30 I was hoping for. It's still a new PR, and I am very, very excited to be well into the sub-4's now.

My little brother ran a 4:20, and looked AWESOME at the finish line.

Time to party.


Kevin said...

CONGRATULATIONS on a new PR!! Well done!

You did a fantastic job w/ your blog as well. It was a lot fun following your journey.

I trained and ran my first marathon (NYC) while paying close attention to your training.

It was great to compare interval and tempo times considering our goal times were fairly close. I made a comment earlier that your LSD times should be completed at a little bit of a slower pace.

I'm looking forward to your recount of the marathon. :)

Danny said...


waiting to hear about it....