Monday, August 25, 2008

Vegas '08

Well folks... folk is probably more accurate at this point... it's about 15 weeks out from Vegas '08.

I just finished a 32 mile week, capped off by a 14 mile long run that I ran at an 8:32 pace. That's pretty slow for me now. Last week's 11-miler was run at a leisurely 7:50 pace. My easy runs are generally in the 7:40 range.

I was looking over my old posts from last year, and it struck me how bad my memory is. I was thinking that I was a little disappointed that I haven't gotten much faster since last year, but then I checked my times and realized I'm FLYING compared to 2007. I haven't done any speed workouts, as my running coach seems to be focusing more on high-mileage and tempo runs, but my overall pace has picked up quite a bit. I know that I'll be getting up into the 40+ range for weekly mileage, and if I can just tweak the diet a little it I'll be the leanest and fastest I've ever been in December.

My goal is still 3:30, as it eluded me last year. I think I could probably aim for faster, but I don't want to set myself up to overreach. If I run a 3:25, I'll be thrilled, but if I can just hit that damn 3:30, that's enough for me. I think that a December of 2010 Boston-Qualifying attempt might be in the cards. If I can maintain this volume of running for another 2 years... I think my body might just be able to push itself fast enough for the 3:10.

I will be doing at least one half-marathon in the next couple of months, so that will be a great gauge to see how I might do this December.

Wish me luck!

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